Watercolor Class Policy and Enrollment

Watercolor class policy


Art is Important and Art is FUN

Business in necessary.

Tuition is a flat rate based on an average of 4 weeks a month. Some months have 3 weeks, some 4 and others 5. You will not be credited for a month that has only 3 weeks, nor will you be charged for the 5th week in those months.
Tuition is due BEFORE the first of each month.  There is a $15 late fee.
Missing a Class 
If I must miss a class you will be credited for that class in next month’s tuition.
If YOU miss a class, you will not be credited, however, if you know ahead of time that you must miss a class, a per class rate will be available.
It is important that you give a 2 weeks written notice to withdraw.  This information is on your registration form.  If you do not give 2 weeks written notice you will be expected to pay the half of next months tuition.   NO verbal messages.
Always feel free to call or e-mail me outside of class if you have questions or concerns. E-mail is the most efficient.  98% of the time I get my phone messages.  If I do not return your call with 24 hours please call again. jennieszaltis@hotmail.com  or call 904-294-3135
Class Hours  
The format of the class will include time for demonstrations, painting, critiques and clean up. Please come to class 15 minutes early to set up. Clean up will begin 15 minutes prior to the end of class.  It is important that we begin on time and dismiss on time.
Artwork Use
Jennie has a website and a Facebook page to keep updated on a monthly basis and would like to use some of the classroom work to show off your wonderful talents and entice future students. At the end of each month, she will photograph some of the watercolors and use them for these purposes.

Most important- Be patient with yourself and h



To enroll,  or to ask any questions please fill out the email form below.
If you wish to enroll, you are verifying that you have read and understood the Classroom Policy for Jennies Gallery. Please also send your  tuition to

Jennie Szaltis

4446-1A Hendricks Ave.  PMB 129. Jacksonville, FL 32207
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